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Engineering and building a business network is one thing – keeping it running smoothly is another. There are trillions of bits of data and hundreds of thousands of files on a typical computer and most of them are NOT yours. They are system files necessary to run the programs you use and they are constantly in flux. If one thing gets out of whack, things don’t work the way you need them to.

pcFORMANCE uses a variety of tools to maintain your business network which means fewer problems, fewer security risks, and less downtime for your office. And having the tools to fix these problems promptly when they do occur keeps your office running at full speed.

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Anybody can connect a bunch of computers together, and maybe even get them to work. But you won’t know what holes are left open, what’s exposed, or what weaknesses are waiting to be exploited.
A business network is not something thrown together – it’s a cohesive organized system comprised of many components, that all need to work together for maximum performance, maximum stability, maximum security, and ease of maintenance.

pcFORMANCE engineers and builds your business network to achieve the Sweet Spot of Technology Performance.

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